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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  February 11, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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tonight's top story. >> reporter: the announcement stopped vatican insider -- shocked vatican insiders and catholics around the world. pope benedict xvi been said it's time for someone physically stronger to leave the cat like church. >> reporter: the contest making this stunning announcement at a meeting with his cardinals. >> and he plans to retire at the end of themont. >> i'm shocked as much as you. >> reporter: even though he's aware of the seriousness of stepping down, he doesn't have the strength to carry out his papal duties saying, quote, both strength and mind and body are necessary. strength, which in the last few months, did tireiated in me. >> i always admired him as a scholar, as a priest, as a holy man. and now my admiration is higher because his humility. >> reporter: he's 85 years old, the first german pope in hundreds of years. elected in 2005, he succeeded
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john paul ii. there have been recent concerns about his health and he's needed help walking, but a vatican spokesperson insists he's not facing anything grave. the cardinals will elect his replacement and hope that can happen by holy week. >> they're looking for someone to preserve the court teachings of the church and be a faith in the church. >> reporter: holy watchers say there doesn't appear to be a front runner. many wonder if the time has come for a non-european leader. >> and more reaction now. an event so rare, it hasn't happened in 600 years. there is shock and appreciation for his bold move. tom fitzgerald gathered reaction from cardinals to parishioners. safe to say no one saw this coming. >> reporter: you're right. in fact, the cardinal told reporters here in washington that he recently visited the pope in rome and that the holy
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water gave no hint what -- father gave no hint what he was thinking about. after seven years, pope benedict xvi's relatively brief papacy, the end of which is being met with surprise. >> to sign. >> reporter: cardinal whirr learned of the news in an early morning phone call. >> came as a enormous surprise. >> reporter: the archbishop of washington said the surprise comes from the cardinals recent visit to rome where the pope gave no hint of his plan. >> the last time i saw him, was not concerned at all. it's true he walked with a cane, but at 85 years ole and you're sixth year, i think you're entitled to walk with a cane. >> reporter: here at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception, reaction from catholics to pope benedict xvi's news was personal for many who remember his visit here in the spring of 2008. he was only pontiff for three
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year when is he visited washington. the first step of outreach in filling the big shoes of appall. -- of john paul ii. >> benedict was so aware of things happening, technology, having the twitter and being able to express the teachings of the chip. >> reporter: at the shrine's new mass reaction from catholics range from sadness -- . >> i'm going to miss him. i think he was a wonderful pope. >> and i heard it on the news. i said is it real? i was excited about that. >> to appreciation for a pope stepping aside because he feels he can no longer go on. >> i'm not surprising that the health is declining in my opinion. >> and in order to leave the church, you need a certain amount of energy and ability. i think that is courageous. >> reporter: for his part, president obama released a statement saying michelle and i warmly remember our meeting with the holy father in 2009,
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and i appreciated our work together over the last four years. while can it's true we don't know who will be picked by the college of cardinals to replace him, we know the cardinal whirl will take part in the selection. it's not been announced yet when the college of cardinals will meet in rome, will? >> y in idea about a timeline. how many americans do we know will participate? american cardinals in this vote? >> it's a small number. there are 118 cardinals earn the world under the age of 80 who will be able to take part in this. there are 10 american cardinals and this question of a possibility of an american pope came up a lot today. experts we talked to said when you have a pope stepping down the first time in 600 years, it's impossible to rule anything out. but longtime vatican watchers tell us it's unlikely at best. >> and tom fitzgerald, thank you. >> of course, the big question is who will succeed pope
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benedict xvi? there are a long list of prospects but here are the top contenders. cardinal peter apaya turkson of ghana, cardinal plans is arenz of nigeria and cardinal mark ul e, of france. a papal conclave will elect a new poach by the end of march. we'll have more on the website, and the story is on our home page. >> another big story we're following tonight. a 14-year-old boaccused of killing his seven-month-old sister is transferred and held without bond. the eighth grader is charged as an adult and that can change in another hearing later this month and because that can change, fox 5 is not naming the teenager and let's bring in paul wagner now with what turned out to be a final story. >> reporter: the 14-year-old
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appeared in court via closed associate television from the county jail and he was dressed in a green jumpsuit. he said nothing other than acknowledging his name n. a brief exchange between -- in a brief exchange between prosecutors, the defense, and the j new details were revealed before all sides agreed to come back for another hearing in 10 days. inside, police say the mother of the baby found her unconscious friday morning and called 9 heaven. in district court, the prosecutors told the judge the baby was asphyxiated and they were post mortem bug bites. >> you will note that there were statements made to the police indicating that he did, in fact, strike the child. and that is in the charging documents; however, the injuries observed on the body were thought by the police initially to be indicative of that beating and it turns out now, and as officers of the
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court, we told the court we learned from the medical examiner these were not injuries but bug bites that occurred after the child died. >> reporter: after smothering the child, the 14-year-old who was caring for a three-year-old female, left the seven-year-old in a car seat inside the apartment. >> according to the process that is in place, a full study will be made and that study will be returned back to the court and the determination as to where the matter will be tried, an adult or juvenile court, will be made in open court and that is after the study is completed. >> reporter: although the team was represented by an attorney in court, there were no friends or families in attendance. the teen's defense attorney told the judge that the child was response for caring for the seven-month-old and a free-year- old while his mother worked the leave night shift. he would then go to school the next day when his mother returned. the attorney also noted that the teen had no contact with police until now.
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>> the suspect's 49, the fact that he was caring for the young char, did that -- does that put the mother in legal jeopardy? >> we asked that question of the county authorities and they tell us 12 is the year that would be the cutoff time and this young man is 14 and there is no question about that at this point. >> all right, paul wagner. thank you. and tonight, we're also following a developing story in prince georges county where police are searching for a murder suspect wanted for killing the elderly woman in capitol heights. the 71-year-old geraldine mcentire was found dead in hear home on chapel oaks drive saturday. police spent the day going door- to-door handing out crime solvers flyers with information about the murder, they hope it leads to an arrest. another developing story, this is in wilmington, delaware. a gunman went on the shooting spree at a courthouse and that happened this morning. the police shot and killed the
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gunman. at this point, the identities of the victims have not been released. five days of the intense manhunt for the formerland cop accused of killing two people. the police are off a $1 million reward to help them find christopher dorner. the police searched a mall some california after receiving tips that he might be in that area and they did not find him. the other officers are searching big bear mountain resort where the ex-cop's burned out vehicle was discovered. a devastating tornado caught on camera and this is amateur video as the twister tore through hattiesberg, mississippi, yesterday. it left 60 people hurt and damaged and destroyed 2 homes. that happened the day after the nor'easter cleared out, slamming parts of new england with massive amounts of snow. you have seen the images. incredible. at least 15 deaths were blamed on the snowstorm in the northeast and canada. rick leventhal has more.
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>> reporter: the wicked winter storm leaving tips of thousands without power and most in massachusetts. by early monday, less than 150,000 customers were still in the dark. down from 650,000 across eight states at the peak of the stom n. massachusetts, the hardest t of the outages may linger until tuesday, force something residents into shelters. >> and this will be my second night and i have -- i will have another one. >> reporter: and new york's long island is still digging out. storm bringing some of the highest accumulations ever recorded. >> and this is insane. i never saw anything like. this. >> reporter: flights resumed in the area which had closed during the storm and driving bans were being lifted. in new york, more than two feet of snow shut dretch of the long expressway. some drivers leaving their stranded cars on the frozen roadway. it reopened monday morning in
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time for the commute. new york's regional trains also getting back on track for the workweek. and some public schools in boston, providence, and log island cancelled classes on monday with somesta the and local governments telling non, sensual workers to tell the -- take the day off. connecticut also buried in white, a snowfall of historic proportions. >> the likes of which our state has never seen since the 1880s. >> a mix of rain, freezeing rain and snow fallling on hand in connecticut, socked with fort inches of snow over the weekend. and there are concerns the roofs may collapse and motors are -- motorists are being warned to stay off of the roads until they're cleared. in hamden, connecticut, rick leventhal, fox news. still ahead, a former nfl cheerleader fights back against cyberbullying. her inspirational message went viral. >> and there is no time like the present to make your mark. how a group of young girls are hitting the ground running and becoming entrepreneurials. >> and starting out with some
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rain and we warmed up nicely into the 50s, sunshine, too. do we get more sunshine and can we have the temperatures like this again tomorrow? we'll look at the forecast. stay with us. ay witus. 
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a fan page for an nfl team took a nasty post and ran with it and this is what people are talking about. a cheerleader made an emotional
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video against bullying. she's a chicago bears fan and a fan posted a photo of a former green bay's packer cheerleader, accompanied by the phrase like if you think the packers have the worst cheerleaders in the nfl. it generated 2,000 comments and many quite critical and vulgar. the cheerleader was shocked by the words and posted an antibullying video that soon went viral. >> good for her. >> yeah. and starting a business is not an easy task. and some 8- and 9-year-olds are taking it on. >> reporter: this is a girl's club and this is called little ladies inventing fun and they're looking for business. take a look. >> reporter: hi, my name is kylie. i am the ceo of a company called -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: and this is
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tomorrow's lemonade stand. lifts kick starter project. unfamiliar with kick starter? it's an online funding platform for almost any creative project. what is tomorrow's lemonade stand, you ask? it's an online educational gaming site created by kids for kids. it's 8-year-old kylie's big entrepreneurial idea. >> and it's to teach boys and girls how to become entrepreneurs. it's to teach them how to become entrepreneurs. >> starting a business, i wouldn't say is exactly easy. i wouldn't say it's hard either, but it's like -- it's fun and exciting and can you make any job entrepreneurial. i find that awesome. >> reporter: her passion for being an entrepreneurial started about two years ago with a family discussion around the business table with a concept of starting a business. >> for awhile, i didn't know what a business was. >> reporter: so mom, a mand appearheaded the creation of
5:17 pm
it. >> look the girlscouts of the economy. we teach empathy, entrepreneurial ship, creativity and risk. >> i will be intrip neural in cool. >> i will be carrying entrepreneurial. >> reporter: pledge and all, they do it old school. weekly meetings, cookies and juice all while talking big concepts like financial literacy, branding and marketing. >> what is your passion and let's take risks and get them to see what entrepreneurial life is like. >> reporter: she created tomorrow's lemonade stand as the online version of lifts, so all kids can have the ability to learn intrip neural skills which, are not normally taught in the classroom. >> i call it my play ground. >> the games will be rooted in child-like behavior for teaching and learning purposes. >> i basically work for my kid, and we hope that can you help us. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> working for me? >> yeah, i work for you.
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[ laughter ] >> and imagine, you can't fire me? >> i can't fire you. it's true. >> oh, yes. >> yeah. what it feels like to be boss. the kick start campaign started january 21st and they're looking to raise $100,000 so far, they have $23,000. to get involved g to our website, phone foxcom and we will link you to -- and we will link you to the kickstart the kids site. they're developing a passion for entrepreneurs. >> and help them in the future. >> and if they have to pay for the college tuition, start now. >> there you go. >> and thank you, laura. >> okay. let's talk about the forecast. and sort of a gloomy, gray day. i was trying to say groomy and -- gloomy and gray in one word. >> i agree and from the temperature perspective, gary, it's like -- not sure what it
5:19 pm
wanted to be. >> and that a -- is that a woman day or not? >> and that isso true. we're seeing sunshine. >> yeah. >> and who knew, right? we did and this is what is going on. we're seeing the clouds break up and that is going to continue into the evening and overnight and something that is going to change over the next hour or two, i think you will begin to notice the winds pick error error up and that will be gusty out there during the overnight and some 25, 30 miles an hour gusts and, as a matter of fact, farther back to the west, and especially the higher elevations, there is a wind advisory and i want you to see what is going on. the temperatures are lower to mid-60s and there is that pocket of warm air out there and farther to the west. look, we're not going to get
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into the 60s, but our temperatures are probably going to hold, at least in the lower 50s the next probably couple of three hours, i would think, and looking at the forecast. and mostly clouds at 7:00 and the clouds are breaking up. we're breezy and it looks like we may drop into the upper 40s and the lower 50 esand we're going to have a mild air around now and there is a frontal system coming through, and tomorrow looks good, too. and let me just put this out there and i don't want to be exuberant with this and if you're a snow lover, a couple of chances are coming up. straight ahead, a warning for mothers to be and some new studies suggest gestational hypertension could be a precursors to medical problems. >> and the downfall of being a nation so plugged in. okay, i need a better pizza.
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centers say pregnant women suffering from high blood pressure may face a higher risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and chronic disease later in life, especially pregnant women suffering from preeclampsia and during their pregnancies, researchers say lifestyle changes during pregnancy could be why the women develop high blood pressure. and the teenage birth rate hit a u.s. low. 15 to 19-year-olds who were having babies dropped between 8% between 2010 and 2011 and among contributing factors, the doctors site about ther choices, family planning and councilling. the onliage group to see an income is 35 to 49 and 44, excuse me, 40 to 44-year-olds. and just ahead on the 5, you try to obey the law and still get a ticket. what gives? where red light cameras are
5:25 pm
racking up tickets with people who say they didn't break the law. he's known only as the shooter. the navy seal who shot and killed osama bin laden is speaking out of the. an army veteran recognized by the president for his courageous leadership. those stories and much more as the 5 continues on your monday. ♪ ♪
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red light camera tickets have more than doubled in rockville and not because more drivers are blowing through red lights but because of the change to the camera system that a few people knew about. melanie alnwick explains. >> reporter: in rockville, red light cameras flash night and day, but few drivers are blowing through the reds. instead, aaa mid-atlantic said they're being ticketed for this. stopping across the white line.
5:29 pm
it's technically a violation of the law, but also a bit tricky. >> this money chase policing for profit. you know, i got your gain for green backs. >> what is different? late last summer, the rockville police department changed the camera vennor and how it enforces -- vender and how it enforces violations. ten clicked 86 citing as. in 2012, cameras racked up almost 18,000 red light citing as, 15,000 of those from five new cameras after august 1st. >> and technically, if you don't come to a full and complete stop, you have, by law, you run the red light. >> reporter: the rockville police department said drivers should only be ticketed if the entire car passes the stop line. the photo enforcement unit reviews each photo and decides whether or not there was a violation. it appears that failing to come to a complete stop before legally turning right on red is what is driving the dramatic spike in citing a. >> because we added another
5:30 pm
layer of enforcement, you know, stands the reason why you have this, you know, occur because of this. >> reporter: aaa agreed that the dangerous move, but said that tickets were illegal right turn is not what the law untended when cameras were approved in the state. >> they intended these cameras to behave like officers sitting at the intersection and basically ticketing people who run red lights. what does running a red light mean? it means having the light turn red and you blow through the intersection. >> reporter: major england said there was a two-week grace period in august and message board. drivers are telling us to be aware. >> i tell people in the county if you go to montgomery county, be careful. >> reporter: cameras brought in $1.3 million last year and with five more cameras expected next year. if you cross the line in rockville, it's going to cost
5:31 pm
you. the beltway express lanes in virginia are losing money. according to the washington examiner, documents from express lanes operator transshan show the lanes lost $11.3 million in the first six weeks and this is how the costs break down. they cost 2.3 million to operate, 11 million in financing and 2.1 million in depreciation. a spokesperson said it's too easy to judge the lane's success. we're monitoring metro with go news on reliability. the agency's annual report card shows significant gains. the trains and buses are more reliable. injuries for employees and riders are down and there is more escalators working. the general manager said there were improvements in 10 of the 12 areas metro watches. an army veteran received the nation's highest award for his bravery in afghanistan. >> and i called clint to tell him he would receive the medal,
5:32 pm
he would he was honored and that it was not just me out there. it was a huge team-of-fort. we honor this american team. including those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: former staff sergeant was hit with shrapnel in a daylong battle defending a post in afghanistan but he charged 100-meters into enemy fire to retrieve the bodies of several other troops hit. he -- two tours in iraq before a stand in afghanistan. he's the fourth living medal of honor recipient -- recipient for service in iraq or afghanistan. all new at 5 tonight, the former u.s. navy seal who shot and killed osama bin laden is speaking out. on may 21st, 20 heaven, the united states raided the al qaeda leader's pakistan compound. the former seal said despite killing the world's most wanted terrorist, he was not given a peng nor healthcare nor protection for family after returning home. he said the secret warriors have to deal with the not-so- easy transitions back to civilian life all the time.
5:33 pm
at marine corps base quantico outside of washington, troops are battle tested. they're trained on the big guns, firing mortars and high- explosive artillery. tonight on fox 5 news at 10, sherry li joined our marines on the firing range and has more. >> reporter: when you go out on the firing range at marine corps base quantico, there is nothing fake about it. it's about recreating the true feel of combat. >> fire! fire! >> reporter: they use real weapons with real munitions. the howitzers are firing 150- millimeter high-explosive runs and can kill anyone within 150 feet and cause casualties the size of the football field. this is one of the tools of trade in combat. >> and most marines we sleep around the gun say that there is a mission where they're on the gun within seconds. >> reporter: and with had this kind of fire power, there is no
5:34 pm
room for error. tonight on fox 5 news at 10, we'll show you what it tates -- takes to -- the live fire and get the marines battle ready. i will tell you, will, i did get a chance to fire one of the guns, but you will have to wait and see. will? >> we will see. i hope they gave her earplugs. >> indeed. >> thank you. and still ahead on the 5, you have seen it happen, maybe it's actually happened to you. you're at a restaurant and the other person is texting away. it was like that bad date i had years ago. and now, a new study asks does social media like facebook and twitter, does it make you less social. >> and we all know that it's just about the fashion as it is about the music. we have highlights from the grammy awards. next. next. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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phone the whole time? dina speaks with a psychiatrist who thinks technology is making us less social. >> reporter: in health works, imagine you're at a nice restaurant, on a date or with a group of friends. would you ever pull out a magazine or book and start reading at the table? that is what we're doing with the phones. is technology making us less social? take a look earn these days. when you see people communicating, it's often not with each other but with an electronic device. beaumont psychiatrist howardblekin believes that technology is killing our interpersonal skills. >> they interfere with the interpersonal relationship, the one-on-one relationship, and the live social trusting, understanding relationship that we all strife to have with another person. >> reporter: pew research center did a study asking does social media cause socialize lace? -- isolation. the results found that social
5:40 pm
media users don't have more or less friends and, in fact, facebook users did have more close friends. some would argue virtually we have never been more connected, but it's hard to believe that that is not impacting our face- to-face skills. >> the ability to look someone in the eye, the ability to read someone's body posture and body mannerisms. and to carry on a full, kind of intimate relationship with somebody on a one-on-one basis is how we build relationships, it's how we meet our meat, it's how -- our mate, it's how we teach our children and other people how to become loving, human beings. >> reporter: what is the solution? come up with phone free zones or low tech times the day. for example, at the dinner table or at a restaurant. make sure everyone puts their device away and then let the conversation start flowing. that is health works. >> that is important. come all of my kids got cell phones. we made the rule when we're
5:41 pm
out, no cell phones and one time we were out. >> yeah. >> and i am the one who pulled the out my phone. they were like mom. >> we get to use the excuse we're journalists, we're on call all the time. >> right. that is what we do. >> i leave it in the car if i can. i do. >> that is a good idea. there is a lot more ahead at 5. remember the djs around the royal prank calls? looks like they will be hitting the airwares again soon. >> and -- air waves soon. >> are you in the mood for love? leave the phone in the car like i do and travel to the nation's sexiest city. we'll take you there. >> and dare we say snow for your valentine's morning? gary mcgrady joining us with the forecast still ahead. 
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back to our top story tonight, pope benedict xvi is resigning. the pope stunned the roman
5:45 pm
catholic church today when he announced he would step down saying he no longer had the mental or physical strength to carry on. the last day will be february 28th. he's the first pope to resign in 700 years. he will not be involved in a new selection process. the former mayor of boston and former u.s. ambassador to the vatican joins us with perspective tonight. thank you for joining us. >> good evening. >> the pope's resignation caught a lot of people offguard today. you were quoted as saying it was an act of courageous selflessness. can you explain why? >> well issue i have known pope benedict xvi many, many years, and he always said that he would welcome the opportunity to serve god, the church, and catholics in the society to the best of his ability, depending on his health and his frailty and his strength. well, i think he proved that he puts self-interest aside over the best interests of the church and of the values that
5:46 pm
reflective of the catholic church across the world. so, you know, i think he's proven himself to be a courageous man who, unlike a lot of major leaders, are unwilling oftentimes to leave the center stage when they feel that they're -- when it's apparent that they can't do the job respectively as they felt they should. -- affectively as they felt they should. >> a lot of people, what we talked about, what stunned about the resignation, people are talking about his legacy. you know him personally, what will his legacy be? >> of course, he succeeded pope john paul ii, one of the legendary leaders of our century, going back to the collapse of communism, polan, eastern europe and all of the other issues, and pope benedict xvi was the man behind the scenes with john paul ii and carried on that tradition
5:47 pm
without the glamour and notoriety that john paul had. and he became pope in a difficult period of time for the catholic church, for the world. a look at the chaos and crisis that the world is in, the middle east acro the world and he s i think, done an affective job watt getting the credit that he deserved and what he did was he set the stage for the next pope to come in in a church n a catholic church, that is far greater in its diversity and the potential of the catholic church now, i think, is greater than it ever has been before because of this diversity. as it will be reflective in the upcoming conclave when you see 118 members of the college of cardinals vote on a more diverse cardinal leaders, and i think that is what you're going to see. you're going to see a more
5:48 pm
diverse catholic church. >> all of the world will be watching as they make that discussion. the former u.s. ambassador to the vatican and former mayor of boston, thank you very much for sharing your perspective with us tonight. >> sure. >> stay with fox 5 for more. still ahead at 6, there have been all types of reaction to the announcement and some with controversy. we'll take a closer look at the state of the catholic church in minutes on the news edge. and light welcome back gary with the forecast. the snow is making it into the forecast, huh? >> and i think that -- i don't want to blow this out of perspective or be accused of -- a storm or anything, we haven't had any snow and there are people, shawn, that believe it or not, love snow. >> i know. >> right. >> and you know, i hope they get some. >> yeah. >> and not near my house. >> i think i hear from all of them from time to time. they want the snow. this week, at least, we can see snow on the horizon, and they're not clipper coming our way. these are snows that potentially can come up from
5:49 pm
the south and, as they come up from the south, they may bring us some snow. listen, it's monday, okay and the way it's looking right now, we have a couple of chances. wednesday night into thursday, that is the way it looks right now and another chance into saturday, saturday night and into sunday. pretty much that is all we know. okay, and the models are all over the place. you're going to hear a lot of chat or the internet and all over the place about this. of course, as we begin to get more certainty, we'll let you know. at least, again, if you're a snow lover, we have a couple of chances this week that we might be able to get some snow. so you know, towards the weekend, the weekend event looks like it would be more promising, to get more substantial snow and that is all i'm saying. i am not saying anything about totals any, like. that 53 degrees in the city. way out west. look at winchester, 63. martinsburg, 65. hagerstown, 53 and a lot of
5:50 pm
warming is going on out here. there is a frontal system to the west of maryland into west virginia. and that is going to come on through. so, it's going to cool things off overnight tonight. the winds will start to pick up as well. mostly cloudy at 7:00. you saw the beautiful tower cam picture as we came out and it's showing some sunshine with the setting sun. breezy by 9:00, 49. notice the temperatures don't drop very much. we're still going to be on the east side of the front. the front will come through later on this evening. a says that comes through issue it will bring in slightly colder temperatures. by no means is it coal. by 11:00, the -- cold. by 11:00, the winds gusty and look like they're going to be gusty all night long. we're seeing gusty wins to the west. winchester gusting to 23 and dulles, 24; culpeper, fredericksburg in the teens. and you notice out there in cumberland, the gusts are up to 32 miles an hour. there is a wind advisory in affect and that is to the west of us.
5:51 pm
especially the higher elevations. let's see if i click the button, if that is go to come on for us we have clearing skies to the north and west. tonight, down to 39, a few clouds out there and for tomorrow -- tomorrow, it looks like we'll start off with good amounts of sunshine and it will be breezy it am morning as we progress through the day. the winds are coming down nicely and looks like it's going to be most license. the highs in the upper 40s and lower 50s. wednesday night into thursday, a chance of though and a possibility of more snow coming up on saturday evening and into sunday. >> okay. >> and again, all the specific questions, it's just too early to tell at this point. >> valentine a day. all right. looking for that. >> and no snow at shawn's house. >> my wife loves snow. maybe if i can bring her snow. >> to your house? >> to my house. >> there you go. >> and how about my area? we'll try and leave yours alone. >> i appreciate it. >> like we have that power. moving on. sunday was music's biggest
5:52 pm
night. the 55th annual grammy awards packed with big stars and even bigger performances. the black keys, the night's top winner with four trophies. best new artist and song of the year. they performed at the president's inauguration, as a matter of fact. fox's al napiel has a closer look. >> i will wait for you. >> reporter: tonight's big award went to mumford and songs with babel, earning them the coveted phone for album of the year. >> hard work finally paid off for fun, who took home song of the year. >> and this is something you grow up thinking about and then you think this is cool. >> reporter: while they won record of the year for the hit song "somebody that i used to know." >> and stronger, kellie clarkson. >> a great year for american idol alums, kellie clarkson
5:53 pm
took best pop vocal album for stronger and carrie upwood for best solo country performance for blown away. >> i feel really happy and not that i haven't felt happy before, i feel that all went off l. >> reporter: as always, the show is about the performances as it is about the honors. justin timberlake made his highly anticipated return to the grammy stage. and bruno mars,ery anna, sting, and damian majerle got a -- and damion marley got a standing o having for their performance for bob marleyj. and ll cool j shutting down the ceremony with something. and are you looking for
5:54 pm
love this valentine's day, las vegas is this year's sexiest city in america. sin city is followed by miami, new orleans, san francisco, and new york city. light go to brian bolter now for a look at what is next on the news edge six. hi, brian. >> hi, guys. continuing to follow the latest on the pope's shocking resignation. a closer look at the state of the catholic church and what he had in shape. and a construction boom in the city seems look you can't go far without running into some kind of new development in d.c. what the business means for the district and you may want to make it a double. why maker's mark is cutting the amount of alcohol it puts in the popular bourbon. bon. 
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
thens of people pack
5:58 pm
cowboys stadium. for chris kelly -- chris kel. he was gunned gowndown in texas. kelly's funeral will be held tomorrow morning. he was reputed to be the deadliest sniper in american military history. and some new developments in the murder investigation of the chicago teenager who performed at president obama's inaugural festivities. the funeral services for the funeral were hill over the weekend and michelle obama tanned to pay her respects. the police have not made arrests but they have too many custody for questioning about the deadly shooting. and back on the air, one of the two radio djs behind the prank phone call to a london hospital where kate middleton was a patient is back on australian air waves. michael christian returned to work in another station and that is two months after the suicide of the nurse who answered the call from the djs, pretipping to be the queen and prince charles hoping for an
5:59 pm
update on middleton. they were initially blamed for the death and take know off of the air. british prosecutors later said that they would not face criminal charges. craig has not returned to work just yet. and thank you for join us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. right off the top tonight, shocking news out of the vatican today. as pope benedict xvi announces he is resigning, something that hasn't been done in more than a half a millenium. thanks for staying with us. i'm brian bolter. the pope said he no longer has the strength of mind and body to perform has papal duties. his last day is february 28th. the vatican expects a new pope to be elected by the end of march, in time for easter. the last pope to resign without being pushed was salastien v in 1294 and this is then, that was now and the catholic church has seen brighter days. bob barnard is in


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